TTT Farm, Fainting Goats and Rare Breed Fowl

TTT Farm, founded in 2005, focuses on the preservation of rare breeds listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy's Conservation Priority List with a focus on the Tennessee Fainting or Myotonic Goat. Our goal is to produce a humanely raised, sustainable herd of goats of the highest possible genetic quality and market desirability to ensure this breeds future success. We also seek to introduce this breed, and other ALBC breeds to other producers and consumers to show them the benefits of these unique breeds.

Why Tennessee Fainting Goats?

The Tennessee Fainting Goat is a medium sized meat goat that has a more docile personality compared with other, larger, meat breeds. While the potential yield is less per goat with the Fainting Goat, their personalities make them somewhat easier to care for and contain. Goats in general prefer woody, leafy plants to grass and therefore make excellent rotation grazers/browsers for weed control when rotated with livestock that prefers grass, such as horses. Goats in general, and the Tennessee Fainting Goat in particular, is an excellent choice for small acreage and hobby farms given the low maintenance requirements, exceptional forageing ability, and modest feed requirements when compared with other livestock animals. Their meat is tasty and has less fat and more nutrients when compared with other common livestock animals. Goat meat, also known as Chevon or Cabrito, is also popular in Hispanic and Middle Eastern cooking, however, current US production of goat meat is less than demand and therefore much of the goat meat consumed in the US is imported. When properly socialized, they can make fascinating and affectionate pets. The unique genetic trait, Myotonia, the condition that makes the Fainting Goat "faint", makes the breed easy to catch and is an amusing and endearing feature of the Tennessee Fainting Goat.

Fainting Goat Breeding Priorities:

Members of, Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) , International Fainting Goat Asso. (IFGA) and Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Asso. (MSFGA)