R Fainting Achelois
Sex: Doe
MGR: B0313
Color: Tricolor - With Moonspots
Eye Color: Brown

    Great GrandSire: R Fainting Fireman
GrandSire: R Fainting Casino Magic  
  Great GrandDam: Deer Springs Paisley
Sire: R Fainting Color Wonder  
    Great GrandSire: Hollywood Acres The Patriot
GrandDam: R Fainting Fairy Tale  
  Great GrandDam: Redbud Eight Precious
    Great GrandSire: Lash's Unique Animals Levi
GrandSire: Lash's Unique Animals Zack  
  Great GrandDam: Lash's Unique Animals Goodness
Dam: Bedrock's Sweet Liberty  
    Great GrandSire: Little Big Man Buck
GrandDam: Little Big Man Boots  
  Great GrandDam: Little Big Man Suzie

Members of, Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) , International Fainting Goat Asso. (IFGA) and Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Asso. (MSFGA)