Deer Springs Barlow
Sex: Buck
MGR: A3199
Color: Dark Tricolor with Moonspots
Eye Color: Brown

    Great GrandSire: Merrythought Farm Apache
GrandSire: Apache Landing Uno Renegade  
  Great GrandDam: Merrythought Farm Hallelujah
Sire: Deer Springs Truman  
    Great GrandSire: Tanya's Tippers Lil' Abner
GrandDam: Deer Springs Tre'sur  
  Great GrandDam: Deer Springs Calico
    Great GrandSire: Tanya's Tippers Ed
GrandSire: Tanya's Tippers Lil' Abner  
  Great GrandDam: Tanya's Tippers Peaches
Dam: Deer Springs Heavenly  
    Great GrandSire: Deer Spring Jethro
GrandDam: Deer Springs Calico  
  Great GrandDam: Putt Putt Farm's Ellie Mae

Offspring: Shaw 2008, Chamberlain 2008, Caleb 2009, Conway 2009, Phillip 2010, Klieo 2010, Thea 2010, Troy's Hope 2010, Scavok 2010, Echo 2010, Aryndel Vyst 2012, Dabigredboat 2012, Derpy Hooves 2012, Twilight Sparkle 2012, Claire 2013, Sun 2013, Dharma 2013, Violet 2013, S'mores 2013, Hurley 2013, Locke 2013, Jin 2013, Libby 2013, Volbeat 2013, Faraday 2013, Ellie 2014, Minerva 2014, Solaris 2014,

Members of, Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) , International Fainting Goat Asso. (IFGA) and Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Asso. (MSFGA)