Nazworthy Acres Saratoga
Sex: Buck
MGR: D6929
Color: Tricolor with Moonspots
Eye Color: Blue

    Great GrandSire: Chippewa Acres Farm Topple Me Elmo
GrandSire: High Point Valley Phantom  
  Great GrandDam: Miss Sox
Sire: High Point Valley Moon Spotz  
    Great GrandSire: Westwind Acres Calypso Moon
GrandDam: Tye Dye Acres Shrinking Violet  
  Great GrandDam: Tye Dye Acres Seiden
    Great GrandSire: Westwind Acres Calypso Moon
GrandSire: Westwind Acres Aku  
  Great GrandDam: Flying J Fainter's I'm Your Secret
Dam: Nazworthy Acres Goldie  
    Great GrandSire: Grace's Farm Zack
GrandDam: Nazworthy Acres Taisie  
  Great GrandDam: R Fainting Ms. Keebler

Members of, Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR) , International Fainting Goat Asso. (IFGA) and Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Asso. (MSFGA)